Sustainable, global transformation requires a cooperative network stretching out beyond our current silos of interest groups and individual organizational efforts.

The Holomovement represents radical collaboration in action, founded in love,with a collective mission to support a global shift in consciousness while honoring the autonomy of each of our purpose-driven callings. 




The name “Holomovement” was inspired by American physicist David Bohm’s use of the term describing “a holistic understanding of our universe as a manifestation of the consciousness of our universe.” 


He believed at the core of our universe is the implicate order, the field of consciousness and multidimensional

reality of oneness that creates our world.

The physical manifestation of how we perceive the universe is the explicate order. 


Bohm proposed it was the Holomovement weaving the two together. 

In a similar fashion as to how yin and yang make Taoist philosophy an interconnected and flowing whole, the Holomovement weaves the spiritual and material into a unified field.


While this description was first applied to the physical explanation of our universe, Bohm went on to apply it to cosmology and even the source of consciousness. He was also intrigued with how the collective consciousness of humankind was developing into its own movement of unbroken wholeness and increasing self-awareness.



Take a moment to consider the power in that vision: 

Our universe, an unbroken wholeness of

the totality of existence:

an undivided, flowing movement without borders. 

That is the Holomovement,

the miracle set in motion from our cosmic beginnings, always keeping us connected

even when it appears that

we are separate.

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A Unifying Worldview for Radical Collaboration


To help unify our transformative efforts, we’ve outlined eight principles of the Holomovement.







Interconnected Wholeness.

Although dazzlingly complex and multidimensional, the cosmos is a single, living process,

profoundly interconnected and sacred in its Oneness.

A Conscious Living Universe.

Dynamic and alive, the universe arises from a source of consciousness,

offering each of us meaning within our interconnected wholeness.

Purposeful Evolution.

Oness is evolutionary in its conscious awareness of existence, engaging in a purposeful evolution of its own nature. Over time, the cosmos, the earth and all living things develop increasing levels of complexity, interconnectedness, consciousness and cooperation.

Wholesomeness as Our Natural State of Being.

All of reality, including individual beings and social and cultural systems tend to be attracted to health, wholeness and the mutual flourishing of life and consciousness. Seemingly “evil” motives and behaviors are not fundamental to human nature, but rather an unbalanced

state of materialism and sense of separation.

A Self-Healing Cosmos.

Our existential civilizational Meta-Crisis (of climate, culture, society, economics, and more) is naturally coinciding with a widespread awakening of virtuous social projects, analogous to an immune response. These contrasting forces, or levels of consciousness, although challenging, offer the necessary impulse to propel our ongoing evolution.


Embodying the Holomovement.

David Boehm coined the term “Holomovement” to describe how undivided wholeness is expressed in every seemingly separate entity, event and action. “The Holomovement” is an apt name representing the diverse sociocultural movement toward a just, fulfilling and sustainable

human presence on Earth and within the cosmos.

Prior Unity in Action.

The Holomovement is not a project to unite diverse efforts, but an inherent expression of the nature of reality and its collaborative coherence converging within the autonomy

of individual and group endeavors.


Cosmological, Individual and Sociological Dimensions.

The Holomovement is a name for the action of the undivided cosmos working to reassert health and wholeness in the face of crises of fragmentation. This cosmological process becomes conscious and is enacted at the level of individual human beings, first through psychological and spiritual transformation, and then as transformed behavior that can scale to transform human groups, organizations, systems and societies. Both individuals and groups can awaken to and choose to participate more and more consciously and effectively in the inherent activity of the Holomovement. 


We’re on a journey exploring the nature of this Holomovement through the threads of cosmology, integral psychology and sociology. We also call upon the wisdom traditions to guide us in their long-held understanding of wholeness in our interconnected web of life.


Within the context of the Holomovement, we hope to bridge the ever-growing divisiveness that plagues our communities and nurture the transformative power of deep human connection. Imagine the beauty, wonder and feeling of flow we could experience if 7 billion people, acting with compassion and purpose, moved together in phase for the good of the whole?

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